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Session: Is the File System Dead? if so what replaces it?

Big Data Workshop, April 23, 2010
Session 3D

Title: Is the File System Dead? if so what replaces it?
Convener: Rich Ramos
Notes-taker: Rich Ramos

In our increasingly distributed, mobile, BIG DATA world has the traditional file system outlived it usefulness?

File System use cases:
User’s storage of fixed content & unstructured data
Application data store
Disk block management

Of course
Does the file system work well for any of those use cases anymore or are there better ways?

The virtual concept of “Folders/Directories” grew out of the physical world equivalents, however in the brave new world of digital data Folders are no longer very useful. Things like “tags” “labels” and search are better for these purposes.

2) Applications:
Applications that are NOT DBMSes would prefer to use relational databases and, increasing, Key-Value stores. DBMSes/OSes/VMMs would rather do the management itself, rather than a file system.

Without the first two the third, disk block management, goes away.

Summary: of course file systems don’t go away anytime soon, but you can see how their usefulness might greatly decrease over time.

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